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Wire clutch

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Hanging wire

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Looking for the best Duct Hangers and Supports in Australia? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Searose Environmental, we’ve got the leading range of Duct Hangers and Supports and Duct Support Systems available for you to shop online. Support your quality ductwork with the right support systems at Searose Environmental. Shop our full range of Duct Hangers and Supports today, including gripple hangers and traditional methods, and have your package delivered directly to your door, right across Australia.

Searose Environmental Duct Support Systems

As specialists in HVAC systems and products, Searose Environmental are proud to present a range of duct supports and hangers that provide reliable and effective solutions for our customers. The success of a HVAC system cannot be achieved without the correct installation and use of high-quality products. Our duct hangers and supports ensure your ductwork stands the test of time. With proper installation, our high-quality products provide reduced requirements for maintenance and repair. This reduces disruptions and downtime for your HVAC system, improving efficiency and reducing overall costs.

Duct support systems ensure ducting is secured in the desired position and is done so safely. The products used to secure the ducting are purpose-built to be used by qualified technicians and meet specific load ranges. Correctly installed and supported ducting is critical to the safe and efficient operation of a HVAC system. Incorrectly supported ducting can result in potential danger and injury. Industrial and commercial ducting systems are integral to safe and efficient operations within warehouses, schools, hospitals, storage, and many other applications. They ensure adequate ventilation, exhaust, and management of environmental conditions. At the same time they are saving space by hanging instead of being mounted to concrete flooring. Without the proper support, ducting could become loose and pose a hazard because as well as having detrimental effects on the whole ventilation system. Well-supported ducting is essential in maintaining the HVAC system’s desired conditions and building it is functioning within. To maintain efficient, sustainable and accurate operation, all parts of the system need to be operating at capacity. This includes duct hangers and supports.

Duct Support System Components

Wire Clutch

A wire clutch is an accessory for hanging wire and to adjust and grip suspension wire quickly. At Searose Environmental, and across the industry, using a wire clutch is considered the fastest and safest way to hang and support ducting systems. Our wire clutches are available in various sizes and lengths to perfectly suit your duct and supplied in coils to reduce waste. They are produced to high-quality standards and possess superior strength, making them a reliable duct hanging and support product. The Duct Mate clutcher cable can be easily recognised by the unique red thread woven into the cable

Hanging Wire

At Searose Environmental, we distribute suspension wire for hanging and supporting ducting systems for Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition (HVAC) equipment. If you require a quick fastening method of supporting ducting from overhead supports, this is a great product to include in your duct support systems. Our hanging wire is engineered for strength and stability and is available in two sizes to meet specific load ranges for duct hangers and supports. Additionally, our product meets the Sheet Metal and Airconditioning Contractors National Association for upper and lower construction standards if used per manufacturers installation guidelines. The complete list of features can be found below:

• Meets SMACNA upper and lower attachment construction standards if used per manufacturer’s installation guidelines
• Seismic tested and conforms to ICC Code guidelines AC284
• Engineered for strength and durability
• Tapered bore design for fast, easy installation
• Eliminates the need to stock multiple lengths of cable
• Compact design is aesthetically pleasing
• Easily adjust the hanging height by hand
• Available in 2 sizes to meet specific load ranges
• Items can be hung at angles up to 60° from vertical

Why Choose Searose?

At Searose Environmental, we pride ourselves on expert services and second to none products. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on sourcing and distributing products that deliver our customers with the highest quality materials, no hidden cost attached. When it comes to duct supports and hangers, it is no different. As an expert team with significant ducting and HVAC systems experience, Searose Environmental technicians won’t be beaten on their knowledge and capability. We don’t only provide our customers with great products like a gripple system or hanging wires; our services and advice ensure that the products we offer are supported with in-depth knowledge and implementation of best practices.

Contact Searose Environmental Today

Whether you would like to enquire about our wire clutch, suspension wire, receive additional product information or advice about our duct support systems, feel free to contact our knowledgeable team at Searose Environmental. With our customers at the heart of everything we do, we always do our best to provide services and products to meet every need. Call us on 1300 48 48 49 or submit an enquiry through our website.