Scheduled servicing and periodic maintenance increases the working life and performance of your dust collector investment.

Our philosophy is that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, having said that if you maintain your system correctly you will see increased efficiency and longer periods without breakdown.

Servicing and Maintenance

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We pride ourselves on listening to the customer and understanding your needs. Our experience in looking after your existing dust and fume systems allows you to be in control of your equipment and then you get to decide when it requires replacement. Were not interested in just making a quick buck and moving on.

Our team are friendly, hardworking people, with the client’s needs foremost . The team understands the importance of lasting relationships, and that is only possible when you are getting great service.

We are a company committed to improving our products to meet the needs of a diverse range of industries, with the environment at the forefront of our thinking. Our strong focus on product  development has allowed us to present a range of equipment that starts with a concept and ends with a solution.

Case Study:

Dust Collector Service

  • Replaced filters and applied lime coating for fibreglass application
  • Cleaned and sealed dust collector to stop moisture ingress
  • Optimised pressure transducer and fan speed to increase suction
  • Engineered and replaced faulty Chinese rotary valve gearbox with locally supported gearbox and motor
  • Test reverse pulse cleaning system with satisfactory result
  • Fabricated and replaced bin cover