Expert Woodworking Dust Extraction

Searose provide leading woodworking dust extraction and customised solutions tailored to your individual workshop needs. As leaders in technology and equipment, our design, product range, and installation services will ensure total dust control with woodworking solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of your workshop.

Have an existing system in your workshop? We can optimise existing industrial wood dust extraction systems. Our expert team can assess and diagnose problems with existing equipment and design machine manifolds. We have been successful in resolving issues from original design problems, filter options, and general wear and tear. We’ll make sure your industrial dust extractors are operating seamlessly.

A centralised wood dust extraction system can collect all your unwanted timber dust in one place with a single waste bin for disposal. Custom fabrication of modular ducting and flexible hoses can seamlessly connect your factories equipment like CNC, Edge bander, belt sander, bench saw etc. These on tool extraction systems are a highly effective way to minimise the impact of dust and wood particles. To learn more about our wood working dust extraction, get in touch with our team today.


Work with Searose for Your Woodworking Dust Extraction

In search of a knowledgeable team of woodworking dust extraction experts? Searose Environmental are a leading provider of customised wood extractions solutions to suit any workshop or industrial setting. Our highly experienced team can design, consult, and supply products to create highly efficient dust extractors and collectors, or improve pre-existing equipment and designs.

Industrial Woodworking Dust Extractors

Extraction systems for wood dust are critical in ensuring the safety of workers. Serious health issues can occur as a result of significant exposure to wood and dust particles. Inhaling wood dust has been associated with mild symptoms such as a runny nose or cough, all the way up to more pressing diagnoses such as Tuberculosis, Sinusitis, swollen lymph nodes and even cancer. At Searose Environmental, our team not only implement strategies that will keep your workspace clean and tidy but will also protect the health and wellbeing of your workers with our woodworking dust collection solutions.

Searose Environmental possess a team of highly experienced and skilful technicians who can plan and implement highly efficient and effective extraction solutions. We not only use the most suitable products, but create solutions that capture the maximum number of particles, through strategic placement of equipment around a room or tools.

The Highest Quality Products for Woodworking Dust Extraction

To create the most effective design we evaluate every single piece of the collection system including:

• Fittings and attachments
• Flex hose and ducting
• Dust filters and bags
• Shop vacuums and air cleaners
• Dust collectors and cyclones

Possessing an understanding of every part of the system allows us to make precise adjustments and alterations, ensuring a design that is highly effective and completely tailored to our customer’s needs.

Searose are not only experts in woodworking dust extraction services, but also dust control Brisbane services and dust collector maintenance services across Brisbane. Our dust-related services can complement or be utilised independently of our woodworking dust control, if you are working with materials other than wood.

Portable and Fixed Extraction Solutions

Depending on the available space and budget, portable and fixed extractions present great solutions as wood workshop dust extraction equipment. Portable extractors can be moved around a room and between spaces, to serve as effective and flexible dust extractors and collectors. Portable equipment can also be easier to add in situations where space is limited, or it is not suitable to add to pre-existing equipment.

A fixed dust extractor system can be designed to be highly effective, and customised to provide on tool extraction as well as that for the whole room. Fixed systems can also implement centralised collection points which make disposal of the particulate matter an easy process.

Searose Environmental: Experts in Industrial Wood Dust Collection

Servicing the woodworking industry, Searose Environmental possess an experienced and highly trained team to help any organisation implement effective solutions to manage their workshop dust. Our solutions have the safety of workers at the core, are reliable, and provide value for money. Whether you require an overhaul of pre-existing equipment, are adding in additional industrial wood dust collectors, or require a completely new system, Searose Environmental are your team. If you would like additional information regarding our woodworking dust extractor systems and associated services in Australia, send through an enquiry or call us today on 1300 48 48 49.