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Localised Oil Mist Filters

Prices available upon request
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Centralised Oil Mist Filers

Prices available upon request

Looking for the best oil mist filters in Australia? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Searose Environmental, we’ve got the leading range of oil filtering equipment available for you to shop online. Shop our full oil mist filter range today and have it delivered directly to your door.

Across all industrial machining processes, oil-based lubricants are often present. These lubricants produce a thin oil mist or even smoke when used in industrial settings. The presence of oil mist in the workplace can result in hazardous working conditions, contamination, and poor health outcomes. At Searose Environmental, we provide localised and centralised vacuum oil mist filters to assist with safe and efficient industrial operations. Enquire today to get your mist filtering equipment from Searose.

Searose Environmental Oil Filters

Searose Environmental are pleased to offer a variety of filtering products to meet the unique demands of various applications. Our Mist Magician (MM) localised oil filter is suitable for the collection and filtration of oil mists and fumes on most types of CNC machines that use oil-based coolants. However, we do not recommend it for processes with significant amounts of smoke.

Should you require a vacuum oil mist filter that can handle both oil mist and smoke, our centralised MT-32 unit can be fitted with an additional HEPA filter. At Searose Environmental, our knowledgeable team is happy to provide custom solutions tailored to suit your needs.

Our Centralised Filter is suitable for processes and applications such as:

• Cold pressing and stamping operations
• Hardening and wet grinding of metal
• Cutting, boring, drilling, honing using various metalworking equipment and CNC machine tools

Should you require additional information and advice on whether our vacuum oil mist filters are suitable for your operations, please give our experienced team a call or submit an enquiry to talk to one of our members.

The Importance of Vacuum Oil Mist Filters

Oil mist filtration is an essential part of maintaining quality working conditions and protecting the health and safety of workers. Air with oil present in it can contaminate the surrounding areas with a thin film of contaminated material. Oily surfaces can result in unsafe working conditions, damaged electrical equipment, and have adverse health outcomes for workers—additionally, a lack of adequate filtration results in otherwise avoidable waste and contamination.

Quick and Easy Installation with Searose

Our oil filters are easily installed in both on-tool and centralised applications. The expert team at Searose Environmental can customise oil mist filtration units to meet the needs of our customers and ensure a safe working environment. As technicians with decades of experience in the industry, we take the guesswork out of setting up your oil filtration system. We only supply oil mist filtration systems that we would use ourselves. We are passionate about delivering products that stand the test of time and perform day in day out. What’s more, shall you require assistance, we can install the equipment across Brisbane.

The Benefits of Using Oil Mist Filters

There are many benefits associated with oil mist filtration including:

Cleaner Air

By reducing the amount of oil mist in the air and increasing ventilation, oil mist filtration improves air quality.

Cleaner Workspaces

By filtering the oil mist out of the air, our products will leave your workspaces in a much cleaner condition. In addition, less time cleaning oil surfaces and tools will allow workers to focus on the task at hand and achieve better results.

Without this, the oil mist will settle as a thin film across tools, workspaces and sensitive electronics, posing a safety hazard and potential cause for disruption. Additionally, most machinery operate with sensitive electronic equipment that can be easily damaged by exposure to oil mist or other contaminated particles.

Health and Safety

Oil mist can not only be annoying to clean but pose a significant health and safety hazard. When oil mist settles on tools or surfaces, they become slippery and potentially unsafe to use. These conditions require considerable attention to ensure safe working conditions. With correct filtration, these effects are significantly reduced, and the overall safety for workers increases. Additionally, repeated inhalation of oil mist can have adverse health outcomes. By removing the contaminated material from the air, the long-term health of workers is also protected.

Greater Efficiency

Oil Mist filtration units are not only great at capturing and removing oil mist from the air, but they can also return the filtered and uncontaminated oil. The captured oil can be sent back into the lubricant tank or reservoir, reducing waste and overall expenditure.

Increased Equipment Lifespan

By reducing the exposure of surfaces and machinery to oil mist, vacuum oil mist filters also increase the lifespan of equipment in the workspace. Without oil build-up, equipment is at less risk of breaking down or requiring maintenance and can be used more effectively over an extended period.

Fewer Emissions

By separating the oil and filtering the air, oil mist filtration also results in a cleaner exhaust and reduces the environmental impact of your operation. Filters can also be easily replaced during routine maintenance to ensure they are also clean and efficient.

Contact Searose Environmental Today

For more information about our oil mist filters, including quotes and specifications, call our expert team on 1300 48 49 or submit an enquiry to get your equipment delivered directly to your door.