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Air Handling Units

Prices available upon request

Looking for the best Air Handling Unit in Australia? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Searose Environmental, we’ve got the leading range of Air Handling Units available for you to shop online. As the leading providers of air handling units and AHUs, we’re confident we’ve got everything you need for your commercial or industrial setting. Shop our full range of Air Handling Units today and have your deliveries delivered directly to your door, right across Australia.

Efficient and Safe Air Control

At Searose Environmental, our air handling units are specially designed for critical applications. Custom air handling units are used in cleanrooms, TGA and food manufacturing facilities, drying/curing chambers, processing, and aquatics.

The key advantage of a centralised AHU is integrated control of humidity, temperature, and airflow. Powerful drying, heating and cooling systems ensure correct environmental conditions to the area/s serviced.

An Air Handling Unit (AHU) is designed to improve energy efficiency and internal air quality. Whilst serving these primary intentions, air handling units also help to increase the lifetime of a building and improve the lives of the individuals working and living in them. Our efficient and well-designed systems also help to reduce maintenance requirements.

Air Handling Units do this by conditioning and circulating air as part of a HVAC system. HVAC systems involve heating, ventilating and air-conditioning. In this system, an AHU uses an air filter, heating/cooling coils and a supply fan to provide the correct volume, pressure of condition of air through a ducted system. Applications could range from a commercial single air-conditioning system to more complicated multi-unit industrial applications. Food manufacturing, curing, drying and aquatic applications require precise controls to ensure the safety of food and people. As such, our wealth of knowledge and high-quality air handling products ensure our customers can maintain efficient operations by utilising reliable HVAC systems from Searose Environmental.

Experts in Air Handling – Searose Environmental

At Searose Environmental, we never compromise on quality. Every product we supply to our customers is a product we believe in. We maintain strict quality assurance protocols to ensure superior performance and reliability. To maintain the highest quality standard for our air handling products, we specialise in a single unit that we know the ins and outs of. Expert industry knowledge into the mechanics of air handling guarantees we deliver the best quality materials and features to our customers.

A Single Product with Many Applications

By specialising in a single product, we can deliver an air handling unit that is highly efficient and reliable for our customers. Our expert team can do this with complete customisation for each application and setting required by our customers. If you would like to enquire about customised settings or applications for your unit, do not hesitate to ask our team. Regardless of your requirements, we will make sure to optimise our product to provide efficient and reliable performance.

We believe in the reliable performance of our air handling systems to meet the needs of your heating, ventilating and air conditioning needs. Below are a number of features of our unit.


• Dehumidification down to 15% RH
• Powder coated or stainless steel available
• Weatherproof AHU available
• Easy to service and maintain
• Centrifugal high pressure fan controlled by VSD for energy saving
• Integrated BMS Ozone cleaning available
• Fresh air, return air and supply louvered dampers for balancing control
• Chilled water and DX models available
• Steam, hot water and electric generation air heating available
• High energy efficiency
• Industry leading pre-cooling and post-cooling methods

Prices and features will vary, depending on each customer’s needs. We have serviced our valued customers over many years, all with unique requirements. Should you require specific features or configurations for your air handling unit, the team at Searose Environmental will assist you in delivering the best solution for you. If you are unsure about the most suitable feature or requirements for your situation, the knowledgeable team of Searose technicians will be more than happy to help with their expert knowledge. Relying on years of industry experience and professional training, we strive to help each customers to achieve the right solution that meets their needs.

The Importance of Air Purifications, Humidity & Temperature Control Chambers

Choosing the correct AHU is essential to the success of your heating, ventilating or air conditioning system. When it comes to purification, humidity, and temperature control chambers, you want to be certain you have the right product. An underperforming or malfunctioning HVAC system can result in costly repairs, downtime, and potentially hazardous conditions.

Whether it be for food manufacturing, drying/curing chambers or aquatics, the calibration and efficiency of these systems can be the determining factor in your operational success. Our products are backed by years of industry experience and knowledge. When you choose to work with Searose Environmental, you will not only be receiving high quality products, but you will be dealing with expert technicians. We can advise you on everything you need to know about air handling and other HVAC considerations. With complete customisations, we can ensure that your unit provides you with configuration that fulfills your needs and will perform efficiently and reliably.

Air Handling Units for Commercial and Industrial Use

Whether you need and AHU for commercial or industrial use, our expert team can customise and install your unit to suit your specifications. With an in-depth knowledge of our products and significant industry experience we have been able to service a multitude of customers with unique demands. We can install our product in various settings and environments. Whether it be for a simple air control system through a commercial building, or a unit that needs to handle specific industrial applications, we will deliver the ideal solution for you.

Searose Environmental for A Sustainable Future

At Searose Environmental, we understand the need for a cleaner and more sustainable future. By providing leading air handling solutions, we hope to help Australia reduce its carbon footprint and overall emissions. We value the relationships with all our clients and are passionate about leading Australia towards a safer and cleaner future.

Get in Contact Today

We are committed to providing the most suitable and sustainable solutions for our customers. If you would like more information on Searose Environmental’s air handling systems and unit, please consult our technical specifications. If you would like additional information, our friendly and knowledgeable team are more than happy to assist you with your needs. Contact us through our online enquiry form or call us on 1300 48 48 49.