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Spray Booths

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Industry Leading Spray Booths

Looking for the best Spray Booths in Australia? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Searose Environmental, we’ve got the leading range of Spray Booths available for you to shop online. Our exceptional team can also provide leading spray booth installation and spray booth services for industrial and commercial spray booths across Queensland. Shop our full range of commercial and industrial spray paint booths today.

At Searose Environmental, we have commercial spray paint booths for sale to service all painting industries requiring the containment and filtration of airborne particles. We have a variety of filtration options available, depending on application and budget. All spray booths are designed and built to comply with or exceed environmental, workplace, health, and safety requirements. Although we have a range of spray paint booths available to suit various applications and budgets, our products have a number of features, including:

• Modular design
• Mobile booths available
• Clean and contained work surfaces
• Lighting and power options available
• Compliant with AS/NZS 4114.1: 2003
• Wet filter, Dust collector or filter panel options available
• Many door and construction options available
• Clean emissions
• Smooth, easy to clean surfaces
• Variety of colours available

Brisbane’s Leading Supplier of Spray Paint Booths

We are Brisbane’s leading supplier of spray booths for commercial use. We provide tailor-made booths with configurations to meet the requirements of each spray-painting applications. We utilise our expert knowledge and industry experience at stages of design and manufacturing to ensure we deliver you with a second to none product.

All our spray paint booths exceed Australian standards and are suitable for various applications across a number of industries. We provide a standard range of booths alongside customised services. We service everyone from hobby painters to aircraft manufacturers. Our team is passionate about using their expertise to deliver you a high-quality spray paint booth solution that meets your needs, using their wealth of experience and knowledge.

Our expert team of engineers work with each of our customers to ensure a safe and productive working environment. Our spray paint booths provide safe working conditions, which foster improved production, efficiency and quality when controlling fumes and overspray.

High-Quality Products, Expert Services

At Searose Environmental, we are also specialist Spray Booth Installers Brisbane who provide installation and maintenance services for all our customers. This ensures the correct operation and use of our products while ensuring their products’ longevity and reliability for our customers. Our spray booth products and services are fully customisable and can be suited to a wide range of applications and budgets.

Applications of Spray Paint Booths

Regardless how large or small of an area you need, there are many applications for spray paint booths. By providing a climate-controlled area, filtration of particles and easy to clean spaces, spray booths are used across a number of applications, including:
• Engineering
• Vehicle Manufacturing
• Vehicle Maintenance
• Ship Building
• Fabrication
• Aerospace Manufacturing

Searose Environmental – Experts in Spray Paint Booths

At Searose Environmental, we are passionate about helping our customers. We utilise our expertise and industry expertise to service a wide range of industries with our high-quality products. Our spray paint booths are designed for protection. Our booths protect employees’ products and the operating environment. Additionally, accurate and efficient coatings ensure the integrity of products is upheld against stringent quality controls. Whether you are a hobby spray painter or require an effective spray-painting solution for an industrial application, our expert team will always work to deliver a product that meets your unique requirements.

Benefits of a Well Designed Spray Paint Booth

We deliver high-quality commercial spray paint booths for sale to provide our customers with the most suitable conditions for conducting spray paint work. Our booths provide a sealed environment to help with the process of spray painting. By having a sealed and contained space, you can better control the conditions within the area. Having an area that is easy to clean and maintain, reduces the number of particles and dust present within the workspace. This improved air quality reduces the need for additional work such as buffing and colour sanding, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

A key benefit of a spray booth is the safety aspect. By containing the spray area to a specific area, the spread of chemicals and waste is better controlled. Easy to clean surfaces reduce contamination and more permanent spray paint booths have inbuilt filtration systems.

Overall, using a booth for spray painting will increase the efficiency and safety of the processes and reduce the time taken to complete your work.

Contact Searose Environmental Today

At Searose Environmental, we are passionate about finding the best spray paint solution for our customers. No matter how big or small, we endeavour to find the best solution for our customers using our high-quality products and industry expertise. If you require additional information on Searose Environmental’s range of commercial spray paint booths for sale, our team of knowledgeable experts are more than happy to be of service. Contact us through our online enquiry form or call us on 1300 48 48 49