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PVC Grit Hose

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TPV Memory Hose

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Hose Clamp

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Polyurethane Flexible Hose

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High Temp Flexible Hose

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PVC Flexible Hose

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TPE Flexible Hose

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Flexible Welding Hose

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Food Grade Flexible Hose

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Looking for the best flexible ducting and flexible hose supplies in Australia? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Searose Environmental, we’ve got the leading range and customised service for flexible hoses available for you to shop online. Our flexible ducting and flexible hose supplies encompasses ducting parts of all shapes and sizes – providing Australians with a flexible, innovative solution for ducting and industrial machinery.

Flexible Ducting for Your Dust Collectors, Air Conditioners & More

Also known as ‘flex’ duct, flexible ducting offers more versatility and movement than regular ducting options available in Australia. Flex ducting offers more convenience than other ducting materials as it is able to move into hard-to-reach spaces, where you wouldn’t be able to use say metal ducting. Allowing for sharp angles, turns and long-lasting ducting systems, flex ducting is transforming the way that industrial, commercial and residential properties are being designed and constructed.

Our flexible ducting products can be used in a wide variety of applications, by varied industries. The versatility of flex ducting and hose materials mean that many industrial environments are now implementing the hoses and are favouring these products instead of traditional ducting materials. From providing welding fume ventilation to allowing for seamless granular production movement, flexible hoses are the ideal solution for many industrial settings.

Searose Are Your Flexible Hose Suppliers

Searose Environmental are pleased to offer the best range of flexible ducting. We’ve designed a collection of flexible duct products that are versatile, durable and incredibly easy to install. Our selection of flexible hose supplies surpasses our competitors in quality, reliability and durability. We’ve got an extensive range that can be customised to meet the unique demands of each industrial application. Our flexible hose supplies can be used in both temporary set-ups and long-term ducting systems. The materials are made from such high quality, that they can be relied upon for years to come.

Our flex ducting and flexible hose supplies are long-lasting, durable and incredibly versatile. Airtight, flexible and ideal for a wide selection of applications and allied industries, the Searose Environmental range of flexible hose supplies can be safely and reliably utilised in a wide variety of industrial applications. The Searose range of flexible hose supplies are of high-quality materials and are far more versatile than rigid metal or other ductwork. Our ducting products are regularly utilised by unique shaped spaces, tight corridors, compact roof spaces and other areas to provide conditioned air. Whether you’re in the construction, mining, woodworking or engineering industry, we’ve got you sorted with our exclusive selection of flexible ducting products.

Searose have got flexible hose supplies of all shapes and sizes – we’re confident that you’ll find what you need from our extensive range of quality products. Our selection does not stop at water hoses. Shop our full variety of hoses today and have the supplies delivered directly to your door, right across Australia. We also offer leading fume extraction Brisbane services, installation and ducting services Brisbane, dust control Brisbane services, air filter services, commercial ventilation installation and flexible ducting Brisbane installation services.

Ideal for A Wide Range of Applications

Flexible hosing is now commonplace in many industrial settings. At Searose Environmental, we carry products from the highest quality wear resistant polyurethan flexible hosing materials to economical PVC options.

We’ve got a wide range of flex ducting materials and hoses, for various applications and materials. Our flexible hose selection covers:

  • PVC Grit hoses for seamless suction and discharge of sand, grains, gravel, cement, and iron
  • Exhaust gas hoses for suction of vehicle engine exhaust gas
  • Polyurethane hoses for abrasive solids like dust, powder, granules, fibre, wood chips, oil and fuel
  • High temperature ducting for ventilation of machinery that produces hot air
  • PVC hoses for powdery solids like dust, powder and fibre
  • TPE flexible hose for powdery solids and gaseous media, vapour, smoke, steam extraction, blowers and compressors
  • Flexible welding hoses for welding gas extraction, air conditioning and ventilation of fumes
  • Food grade flexible hose for direct food contact in the food, pharmaceutical and health care industry in line with FDA standards

    Searose Environmental can also provide exceptional customised designs – regardless of your manufacturing plant’s size or operations, Searose can custom design and supply the ideal flexible ducting materials to meet your unique requirements.

    Our flexible hose supplies are incredibly versatile and flexible (hence their name), meaning they are ideal for a range of applications, including HVAC ducting. The ideal fit for your application, as every hose comes with an exact and verified inside diameter. When compared to metal ducting, flex materials always come out on top. Where traditional ducting materials are rigid, unconventional, and bulky, flexible materials can be used in tight spaces and adapted to meet the unique needs of an industrial environment.

    Enquire with the Flexible Hose Experts Today

    Thanks to the high quality of our flexible hosing products, we at Searose have established ourselves as the leading flexible hose supplies providers across Brisbane and Australia. Customers can order in bulk quantities, having the necessary amount and type of flexible hose supplies shipped directly to their door.

    Our flexible hoses are long-lasting and durable, and have the ideal inside diameter for your application, providing the perfect solution for industrial environments where reliability is crucial. Suitable for a wide range of particles, our variety of flexible ducting materials may be used for abrasive solids like dust, powder and fibres, or gaseous substances like fumes, vapour and smoke. Our range of food-grade hoses comply with FDA standards and may be used in the food, pharmaceutical and health care industry.

    Not sure what type of flexible ducting you’re after? No problem! You can get in touch with the friendly team at Searose Environmental to have one of our team members provide professional, expert flexible hosing advice. We’ll make sure that you have the correct materials for your specific application, as well as the correct amount, and installation (if necessary). Request a quote today for one of our experts to get back to you with a full analysis.