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Searose Environmental provide leading industrial equipment maintenance services across Brisbane.

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As one of Australia’s leading suppliers of industrial equipment and components, Searose Environmental’s services extend far beyond providing high-quality products. Searose Environmental offer a qualified team of technicians for a wide range of practices, including industrial equipment maintenance and cleaning services in Brisbane. With more than 40 years of experience operating industrial machinery, we are more than qualified in handling your equipment servicing. When it comes to machinery maintenance, there is no substitute for a professional who has experience in all aspects of industrial design, operation and servicing. We offer exceptional maintenance, repairs, routine servicing, inspection and heavy-duty equipment cleaning. Our preventative maintenance and diagnostic servicing mean that you can continue operating with your heavy-duty machinery for longer while avoiding any major breakdowns or repairs.

With a combined 40 years of experience in the industrial equipment and industrial servicing industry, our team of technicians at Searose Environmental have in-depth knowledge, understanding and appreciation for all types of industrial machinery. The Searose Environmental qualified team of technicians are experts in the diagnosis, optimisation and servicing of all industrial equipment and machinery. As a leading online supplier of ducting, dust and industrial machinery units, renewable energy systems and engineered environmental solutions, we have had our fair share of experience in handling, maintaining and engineering industrial machinery. The strong focus on developing and improving our products at Searose Environmental has allowed us to work with a large range of equipment from the conception, to design, implementation and everything in-between.



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Equipment Servicing for Maximum Performance
As a leading supplier of industrial equipment, Searose Environmental’s maintenance and repair services extend far beyond equipment installation.

Searose Environmental – Your Industrial Machinery Maintenance Specialists

Caring for heavy-duty machinery and industrial equipment is an integral step in ensuring that each component continues to run effectively and efficiently in your operations. We run onsite mechanical and electrical machine maintenances and repairs for workshop equipment, CNC’s and all types of industrial tools. At Searose, you can trust us to make required and preventative repairs to all machinery, machine tools, plant and industrial equipment. We also offer routine servicing and maintenance, negating the need for major repairs or breakdowns in the future. Industrial servicing will ensure that your equipment continues to last and will not suffer from any preventable damages. It makes sense to choose someone that has years of experience and in-depth understanding of machinery operation for your industrial maintenance. Servicing Greater Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs, Searose Environmental’s qualified technicians can handle a wide scope of equipment for diagnosis, optimisation, general servicing and repair. We install, repair and maintain all air compressors, pneumatics and HVAC ducting systems. Our customised design solutions also mean that our experienced engineers can modify, adapt and tailor your industrial systems to meet the various needs of your production.

How Often Do I Need Industrial Equipment Servicing and Cleaning?

The frequency in which industrial machinery requires servicing depends on the equipment, the application and how much the equipment is used. Depending on your machinery, Searose Environmental can set up scheduled maintenance to ensure that your industrial machinery is performing efficiently and effectively. For many industrial equipment applications, Australian Standards require regular 3 monthly inspections and servicing. If you’re not sure how often you need servicing for your heavy machinery, get in touch with Searose Environmental today, and we’ll provide friendly, professional advice on how frequently your industrial equipment needs to be cleaned, maintained and serviced.

Why Are Industrial Equipment Repair Services So Important?

Industrial equipment plays a crucial role in successful operation at scale, efficient production or work, and the safety of personnel. In order to ensure accurate and efficient operation, manufacturing and industrial practices, machinery needs to be regularly maintained and serviced. Searose Environmental will perform routine industrial machinery inspections, cleans, repairs and servicing to keep everything in perfect working order. Industrial equipment maintenance services are so important as an inefficient system can have major impacts on the safety of anyone in the immediate surrounds. Our heavy machinery servicing allows for adequate maintenance and prevention, avoiding major inefficiency problems and repairs required down the line. When you work with an expert like Searose Environmental for industrial equipment repairs and servicing, you’re relying on a team of qualified professionals to ensure your equipment is safe, in perfect working condition, and performing to maximum capabilities.

Why Choose Searose Environmental for Industrial Equipment Maintenance Services?

Searose Environmental are the industry experts when it comes to industrial machinery repair and maintenance services. Our team of specialists provide professional design, supply, installation and servicing solutions to suit your company needs. With a combined 40 years of experience in industry solution and equipment servicing in Brisbane, the Searose Environmental team endeavour to provide the best possible industrial machinery maintenance solutions for your organisation. Above all, Searose Environmental are passionate about and committed to safe environmental controls. We have realised the need for a cleaner and sustainable future, and endeavour to provide services that are aligned with leading environmental solutions and technology.

Which Brands Do Searose Environmental Service and Repair?

• Sov Plym • Dwyer Instruments • Sigrest Fans • ABB • Norris flexible hoses • Schnieder • Goyen • Schnieder • Siemens • SMC We also have our own OEM branded equipment under Searose that we supply, install, clean, repair and service.

Which Industries Do Searose Environmental Service?

At Searose Environmental, we service every type of industry that requires the services of industrial machinery in Brisbane. Our breadth in industrial equipment design, manufacturing and installation in Brisbane means that we can cater to a wide range of sectors that require the assistance of a team of industry experts. Searose Environmental specialise in the following industries: • Cabinet Makers and Joinery • Welding and Fume • Renewable Energy and Off-Grid Power • Food and Pharmaceutical • Agriculture • Plastics • Engineering • Mining • Spray Booths • Concrete, Blocks and Minerals • Sandblasting • HVAC and Architectural Ducting

How Much Do Industrial equipment maintenance Services Cost?

How much industrial equipment maintenance services cost will depend on the application for industrial machinery, the frequency in which the equipment is employed and the type of equipment. If you require an immediate quote on your industrial machinery Brisbane servicing, get in touch with us today on 1300 48 48 49, and we’ll provide a rough estimation over the phone.


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Scheduled servicing and periodic maintenance increases the working life and performance of your heavy and industrial machinery investments. Our skilled team are experts in industrial equipment repairs, diagnostics and optimisation.

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Searose Environmental provide leading fume hood inspection, maintenance, and repair services across Brisbane.