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After the best industrial filters in Australia? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Searose Environmental, we’ve got the leading range of industrial filtering equipment available for you to shop online. We’ve got a range of oil and air filters for industrial and commercial settings. Shop our full range of Industrial Filters today and have them delivered directly to your door.

Whether running industrial or commercial operations, maintaining air and odour control is vital. At Searose Environmental, we have an extensive range of industrial air filters that our customers can rely on to meet their needs. Regardless of the industry or application, our experienced and knowledgeable team can advise on the products and practices to best suit your needs.

Industrial Filtering for All Industries & Applications

Our industrial air filters are applicable across all industries and applications, including:

• Metal and engineering
• Woodworking
• Mining
• Agricultural
• Pharmaceutical and Food
• Medical

With filters including:

• Concrete and Dust
• Fume and Emissions Pocket
• Bag
• Cartridge
• V-Formed
• Extended surface pocket
• Electrostatic

Searose Environmental Industrial Air Filter Range

At Searose Environmental, we have a range of industrial filters to service our customers across all industries and applications, whether medical or mining. Our expert team are passionate about delivering products that will provide the best solutions for our customers.

All our products are carefully selected and tested against strict quality control protocols to ensure high quality and durable solutions. With over 40 years of experience in commercial and industrial settings, our team have a deep understanding of air filtration systems and their importance in industry settings. Our dedicated team work tirelessly to pair our customers with the appropriate products and equip them with the relevant knowledge to guarantee our products’ success.

The Benefits of Industrial Filters

Our industrial air filter range is applicable across many industries and applications because air filtration is essential to many industrial and commercial settings. Whether a company requires odour control, filtration of chemicals or a climate-controlled environment, air filters are the key.

Pollution and Odour Control

In industries such as agriculture and food production, odour control can be a necessity. Whether controlling odours inside the building or from the external environment, air filters filter and neutralise any significant scale odour issues. Reducing the impact of odours can lead to better quality products, better working conditions and less impact on the surrounding environment.

No leaks

At Searose Environmental, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products and assisting with installation to ensure total control and filtration of an area. Industrial air filter systems can be essential to maintaining strict controls for contamination, pressure, or purity, requiring airtight seals. All of our products are designed by our experienced team to deliver the performance our customers can trust, day in day out.

Improved Health and Safety

Industrial filters can immensely improve the health and safety of workers and improve the conditions within a building or working area. In industrial applications with toxic fumes and hazardous particles present, air filtration is one method employed to ensure they are at safe levels. Our air filter products can be tailored depending on the application and scale required to provide an effective solution that keeps everyone safe. Additionally, air filtration reduces the potential for hazardous substances to accumulate and pose a hazard to the building and those within it.

Adherence to Quality Control

Many industries have strict guidelines and quality controls when it comes to manufacturing and processes. Managers and technicians require air filters that they can trust to ensure these standards are consistently maintained. These filters could help protect pharmaceutical and food products from foreign matter or ensure hazardous fumes are contained within a specified area of a building.


Whether industrial manufacturing, medical or agricultural, cleanliness and tidy working conditions are always a priority. Industrial filters keep specified areas well ventilated and the level of particulate matter at an appropriate level. Reducing levels of dust and contamination maintains safe working practices, the condition of equipment, reduces maintenance requirements, and improves productivity within the working environment. Many air filters are easy to service and maintain, allowing for minimal downtime and consistent performance to meet the demands of your operation or business.

Protect Your Building

Adequate ventilation and air filtration also serve to protect the integrity and longevity of your building. By filtering fumes, dust and particles, facilities are easier to maintain and service and more desirable for potential clients.

Reduced Emissions

By separating fumes, particles, and emissions, industrial filters reduce your operation or building emissions. The separates emissions are captured in the filters and can be disposed and treated of accordingly. Improved treatment of emissions reduces the environmental impact of your service, improves the sustainability of your operations, and positively contributes to the health of the surrounding environment.

Enquire with Searose Environmental Today

If you would like additional information about our industrial air filter range or would like to enquire about our products, please call us on 1300 48 49 or submit an enquiry today.