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Dust Collectors

Prices available upon request

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Looking for the best dust collectors in Australia? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Searose Environmental, we stock the best dust collectors and dust extraction systems available in Australia. Shop our range of dust extraction systems today, enquire with our team, and we can even provide leading dust control installation and dust collector maintenance services for our stock and custom designed equipment. Searose Environmental are Australia and Brisbane’s leading provider of dust collectors – don’t settle for anything less than the best.

Designed for industrial manufacturing purposes, our dust extraction system and collectors are the ideal solution for customers such as cabinet makers, woodworking spaces and workshops that experience high levels of dust. A key component of safe air pollution control, dust collectors designed and provided by Searose Environmental will improve the health of your workers and safety of your workshop, ensuring adequate and safe dust control.

Searose Environmental – the Experts in Dust Collection & Extraction

Here at Searose Environmental, we take dust control very seriously. Before installing dust extractors, we will inspect the site, assess the workshop requirements, and provide (whether through stock or custom design) high quality extraction equipment to maintain a high standard of air quality in the working environment. Whether you’re working in the mines, with concrete, metalworking, steel mills, grain, agriculture, feeds, manufacture plants or woodworking, you’ll soon come to realise that dust collectors are critical to safe operations – and we’re here to help.

Dust collectors work by taking air in from the assigned application and processing it through a filtering system where the particles are deposited into a collection area. From here, the clean air is recycled and either returned back into the workshop or exhausted out into the exteriors. Depending on the application type, the requirements for the environment, and the dust extraction necessary for your workplace or store, Searose Environmental have stock and can tailor dust collectors to ensure you’re getting the most out of your equipment.

Get A Quote for a Dust Extraction System Today

Searose Environmental are pleased to present our own OEM branded equipment under Searose that we stock, supply, install and service – including our exceptional dust collector for dust extraction. With customised designs and extraction systems personalised to meet the unique demands of your workshop, our prices across stock are available on request.

Our stocked equipment and dust collectors can be used in a wide range of workshops, stores, industrial settings, and applications, including:

  • Pharmaceutical & Food
  • Woodworking
  • Metal and engineering
  • Grain and seed
  • Concrete and dust
  • Minerals
  • Fume and emissions

    The Different Filter Options Available:

    Industrial Filters We Stock

    Equipment and options for filtration designed for air purification from wood, textile, food, paper, glass, coal dust, as well as construction dust, lime dust, chalk, gypsum, dolomite, cement, etc. The dispersed composition of the captured dust is from 0.1 microns. The maximum input dust concentration for SFS filters is 60 g/m³. These filters are designed for indoor and outdoor use.

    DCSC-S Filters

    The Modular self-cleaning DCSC-S filter unit is specially designed for cleaning air from aerosols emitted during thermal metal cutting applications and welding, as well as from other types of non-sticky and non-combustible dust or fume particles. DCSC-S filtering is intended for indoor operation as a part of a full air extraction and cleaning system.

    The Unit is equipped with a highly efficient compressed air pulse filter cleaning system combined with a required connection to external compressed air supply. Additional cleaning efficiency is provided by special air splitter inserts installed in each of the filter cartridges of the unit. The modular design of this filtering unit allows to easily build the DCSC-S unit of required capacity and size. Standard modules and fittings ensure a seamless installation.


  • Metalworks
  • Engineering
  • Chemical Metallurgy
  • Welding processes
  • Mining

    MDV Filters

    MDV is multipurpose unibody industrial filters with vertical cartridges and automatic cleaning features.


  • Welding Thermal cutting of metals (plasma, laser, gas)
  • Shot blasting and sandblasting
  • Dry cutting, metal strip cutting, grinding of metals
  • Processing of plastics and composite materials work with bulk materials
  • Other processes with the release of dry, non-sticking and non-explosive dust

    If you’d like to learn more about how we can get a dust extraction solution installed on your site, contact us. From there, we can discuss your order, equipment needs, and the items required to ensure the safety of your site. Make an enquiry with Searose today by requesting a quote online or contact us on 1300 48 48 49.