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Rapid Door

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Is your company looking for the best rapid auto roller doors? Look no further than Searose Environmental. Our company has a wealth of experience in distributing Automatic PVC Door curtains and roller doors. Our roller doors are not only rapid but also offer durability, ensuring reliable and consistent use. Our rapid doors are tested against the highest design specifications with non-corrosive material safety features to provide efficient, safe and effective products that meet our customers’ requirements.

Searose Environmental Rapid Doors

Rapid auto roller doors are used in many industries, for example, food manufacturing, to provide airtight door seals with automatic and minimal opening time. Typical uses of our high speed doors include energy-saving for temperature-controlled areas, cleanrooms, airlocks, interlocks, cold rooms, loading docks, safety, warehouses, storage, and environmental protection.

Our rapid auto roller doors have been designed for constant use in tough conditions. We endeavour to provide our customers with roller doors that will stand the test of time over thousands of uses. Not only are our high speed roller doors durable, but they are manufactured to stringent quality controls for reliable and effective operation.

With sustainability and high-quality design informing our products, our rapid roller doors are an energy-efficient product that will manage hygiene, ambient temperatures, airflow, heat transfer, contamination, and security. Our rapid auto roller door products are highly suited for use in warehouses, food processing, clean rooms and many more.

Safe and Effective Management

Our Automatic PVC door curtains provide an effective and safe way to manage fast-moving traffic flow in an industrial and commercial setting. Many features, including customisable door operation, automatic sensors, programmable logic control and anti-collision bollards, ensure that our roller doors provide an effective and safe solution that will meet the needs of our customers and keep their employees operating in a secure environment.

Our roller doors are practical across many applications. These fast action doors are used in many industries to help control environmental conditions, with airtight seals and minimal opening times. This ensures that specific environmental conditions can be maintained without reducing access and transport in and out of the area. Environmental control not only relates to controlling heat transfer and airflow but also reducing the potential for contamination and bugs. Automated switch remote control and minimal opening times ensure vital and environmentally sensitive products and stored in a suitably managed environment. Easy and reliable control of an area also increases the energy efficiency of temperature and pressure control systems, reducing operation costs.


Our expertly designed rapid roller doors are equipped with many features to ensure the best fast action doors possible for our customers. Our expert team of technicians can advise on the best products to suit your needs. Additionally, should you require custom work to suit your needs, we can tailor our products to ensure they are safe and effective across a number of applications.

These features include:

• Custom sizes available to suit opening application
• Custom door operation to suit application
• Safety edge with Automatic/Manual Switch
• Auto-sensing switch
• Door delay closing speeds adjustment
• Door up/down speed adjustment
• Photoelectric switch correction
• Anti-pinch photoelectric switches
• PLC controlled
• Autonics photoelectric induction
• Schnieder power switch
• 2 x anti-collision bollards
• Durable 0.4mm PVC industrial curtain with 1.0mm aluminium plate and clear viewing strip.
• Strong and corrosion-proof stainless-steel frame
• Works from standard 230v power supply
• Vision panel

Our range of rapid roller doors come in colours of Blue, Grey and Yellow and in the following sizes:
• 1200 (w) x 1200 (h)
• 1200 (w) x 2100 (h)
• 1200 (w) x 2400 (h)
• 1500 (w) x 2800 (h)
• 3000(w) x 3000 (h)
• 3000 (w) x 4500 (h)
• 4500 (w) x 4500 (h)
• 820 (w) x 2100 (h)
• 820 (w) x 2400 (h)
• 900 (w) x 900 (h)

Why Choose Searose

At Searose Environmental, we are passionate about our customers, products, and sustainable practices. We supply our customers with products that we believe in, products we know and trust like our high speed doors. This ensures that our customers are provided with nothing quality and service that is second to none to meet their requirements. All of our products are tested against strict quality control measure and sourced from industry-leading manufacturers.

The team at Searose Environmental possess a wealth of industry experience and expertise in their chosen fields. We have provided high speed door solutions to meet many of our customers’ unique requirements over many years of service. If you require assistance or custom work to suit your needs of fast action doors, we will be more than happy to help.

Contact Searose Environmental Today

If you would like more information about our rapid roller doors, please contact the team at Searose Environmental. We value our relationships with our customers and are motivated to help Australian business employ more sustainable practices. By providing leading environmental systems and solutions, we are passionate about assisting Australia to achieve a safer and cleaner future. Call us on 1300 48 48 49 or submit an enquiry through our website.