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Case Study: Vehicle Exhaust Hose Reels┃Government Facility

Vehicle exhaust Hose Reels

Vehicle Exhaust Hose Reels and Fume Arms

Searose Environmental started Phase 1 on this Government facility vehicle maintenance workshop completed early 2023.  Now fully completed and moving onto Phase 2 the client and the Searose Environmental team couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

This project was planned out by the client to meet extremely high standards with various requirements including seismic installations to withstand natural disasters like earthquakes along with minimizing any vibrations that might occur within the building.

The project included articulated boom arms to support the vehicle exhaust hose reels, We also installed welding fume arms along with attenuators on the ducting to minimize any noise and then stacks through the roof using Stainless steel ducting.

The team came up against all sorts of challenges during the install as the site was hard to access with many other trades accessing the facility. The team performed well working closely with all trades to make the install a massive success.

Ducting installation
government facility ducting