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Dust Collector Performance

Have an old dust collector that is not cutting it in the performance department?

Perhaps your workshop is getting dirtier over time. It is important to consider why this is the case before throwing money into a new dust collection system.

Have you added equipment or altered the design of the original system? Has your dust collector been serviced regularly? and how is the overall state of your dust collection system?

A dust collector system is comprised by many components, filters, reverse pulse cleaning, shaker motors, reverse blow fans, rotary valves, centrifugal fan, VSD, pressure transducers, main duct line, sub duct lines, control dampers, electronic controls and flexible hoses.

All components and their function are considered in analysing dust collector performance as well as the equipment that is connected to it, it’s requirements and peak usage. Filter condition and the method of cleaning is often a big factor in dust collector performance because it is directly related to airflow. Coatings can be considered in some applications to increase filter efficiency and lifetime.

VSD’s (inverter drives) increase energy efficiency, performance and protection for dust collector fan motors. When used with a pressure transmitter, a consistent pressure and airspeed can be achieved. This can easily be retrofitted to any dust collector system.

Sizing of dust collector duct lines and equipment throat openings should also be considered in the design of your system. Simple checks can be done. Is the opening of a connection to a machine reduced to suit the ducting? Are there multiple same sized flexible hoses coming from a small duct transition?

Understanding your dust collector system is important to notice performance changes and successfully make workshop adjustments. In many cases, by getting a professional to assess and service your dust collector more lifetime can be achieved getting you through until you are ready to purchase a new dust collector. Searose Environmental are also fully licenced electrical contractors and can fulfil all service and diagnosis requirements.