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Perhaps you work in an industry where you are reliant on humidity control to support your day to day operations. Whether used to increase production quality, efficiency, necessities or longevity of your products and processes humidity control can often be difficult and expensive.

Sometimes it can be difficult to diagnose and rectify a dehumidifier system that is performing poorly with blame passed onto how the dehumidifier is used and the load that is put onto the dehumidifier. The Australian climate experiences very high relative humidity during summer months which can be a very big ask when controlling a dehumidified environment while introducing fresh air as per Australia OH&S.

In our experience, there is nothing as expensive as a poorly designed dehumidifier system. That is why Searose Environmental uses powerful desiccant dehumidifiers that are integrated into a complete air handling unit (AHU). In out designs, we take into account the whole environment that is to be controlled for a total package solution. The advantage of our engineered environmental chambers is the integrated package that allows for integrated/seamless communication between components, ease of servicing, easy commissioning, adaptability and reliability. Our AHUs often include dehumidification desiccant wheels, regeneration heating, regeneration airflow, pre-cooling, post-cooling, purification/filtration, balancing dampers, PLC controls, ozone cleaning, high pressure centrifugal fans and end conditioning cooling. This allows us to control all variables to create the correct temperature, relative humidity and air particle specification every time.

The sole element that effects the performance of a dehumidified environment is introduction of moisture which includes introduction of untreated air, door openings, people, cleaning/washing and any processes that involves exposed liquids. Educating staff about these habits and processes, and putting alternative plans into place are very important to ensure function and efficiency of your dehumidifier. With this being said, sometimes it can be impractical and in-efficient to change these processes. Searose Environmental’s guarantee is that we will be able to design a system for your needs and application that will achieve an effective outcome. You won’t hear from us that you must change your production processes for your dehumidifier to work, we understand your operation and design, supply and install competent engineered environmental chambers to suit.