Through our knowledge and understanding of food and pharmaceutical applications we are experts in GMP manufacturing processes. Our services provide complete turn-key solutions for cleanroom environments. We provide design and engineering services with full TGA documentation of our cleanroom projects.

High quality outcomes are achieved from our extensive understanding of risk management within the food and pharmaceutical GMP industry. Our environmental chambers are custom built using top international cleanroom technology to incorporate all aspects of your operation. The advantages of our Environmental HVAC chambers are:

Centralised system

All components are designed to work with each other from one customised PLC allowing total control of the environment.

Powerful Dehumidification

Desiccant wheels with silica from Sweden are used as a powerful source of dehumidification. Our process of dehumidification is always 100% effective through our engineered pre-cooling and post-cooling process. High humidity environments can also be achieved.

Powerful and efficient cooling/heating options

Our environmental chambers use multiple cooling coils and sensors to control the outcome of the air parameters. Gas (DX) cooling exchange and chilled water exchange are available pending on application.

Powerful Centrifugal Fan

Up to and over 500PA is achieved from an incorporated centrifugal fan for even the most difficult laminar flow applications. Fans are inverter controlled for maximum efficiency and balancing.


Maintaining and servicing is one of the most important aspects of your HVAC system for TGA compliance, quality management and longevity.  Our Environmental chambers makes servicing easy through accessible compartments within the chamber and full access to all components. Our components are readily available industrial components and you will never have a redundant manufacturer part (a common problem with other air conditioning manufacturers).


Air balancing is a breeze with our HVAC/Environmental chambers. Blade dampers are provided at ground level for very easy balancing commissioning and adjustments.


Available in powder coated steel and stainless steel IP rated chambers for outdoor applications. Internal components such as fans and cooling coils are also available in stainless steel for corrosive applications.

Self cleaning

Environmental chambers come with an Ozone cleaning device which can be used periodically to control unwanted spore outbreaks that may unexpectedly have been transported into your cleanrooms.